My Story


I first discovered Origami when I purchased an Origami bird-making kit at a local Museum and after the first fold, I was hooked! I spent hours and weeks and months folding paper and soon afterwards I started my own business of getting children addicted to paper folding in my "Origami Mami" After School Enrichment Program. I began my first class with only three students and now, five years later, I have between 15-20 kids in each of my 9 weekly classes and have 6 Origami classroom helpers! I have had repeat students in my classes sometimes for 5 years in a row so up until now I haven't repeated a project yet!

I also work part-time at a wonderful Origami studio right here in Oakland, CA named "Taro's Origami Studio" where we offer Origami classes for the novice as well as the advanced folder. We organize birthday parties for all ages as well as encourage drop-in paper enthusiasts of all ages to come by for a visit. Check the link on my homepage and stop by for a visit! There are only two Origami studios nationwide and both of them are Taro's Origami Studio! In addition, we boast a wide variety of Origami papers and books for purchase to make any paper folder blush.

Origami was my "gateway" art so-to-speak as it opened up so many other wonderful art forms for me and I experimented with many of them until I landed firmly into my favorite media of them all--colored pencil. For the past two years I have been taking an ongoing Botanic Illustration course and therein I discovered my deep passion of bringing together elements of botany and nature, namely animals and plants! I practice my adventures in drawing and coloring almost daily as it is through this practice alone that gives me my much needed dose of peace and tranquility.


I hope you will enjoy your travels through my world and will find it as pleasing as it makes me to create it!