The first Origami After School Class project: "Boatloads of Fun"!

This is my first Origami class project of the year and we are going to build ourselves a sunken ship scene where a boat has been swallowed up by a gigantic whale! The boat is a traditional Origami model and the whale is my design.

The project appears to be complicated at first view but the Origami models are all simple and the rest of the time we will spend cutting and pasting graphic cut-out images onto our background! I put together a whale (with an Orca) coloring page for the children to use either for this project or they can take them home to add to their finished art pieces.

Each week there will be a new theme with new models to make and I haven't repeated a project in over 4 years! The world is full of so many wonderful subjects that it impossible to cover them all in my lifetime! Plus, I accept ideas from my biggest inspiration..the students themselves!