Wire Wrapping Fetish!!

I have new addiction: wire-wrapping rocks! Oh my, oh my! I have just discovered the love and fun of wrapping rocks, especially geodes, in wire! You can be as random or as skilled as you like. I personally like wrapping my specimens in random ways following the curves and textures of the rocks themselves.  I love cracking open the geodes to find the undiscovered beauty within and wearing the insides on the outside as jewelry!

Colors of Nature

These are a few of my favorite things! Wherever I go I snap photographs because the world around me is my greatest inspiration! I hope you will enjoy the fabulous patterns and colors of Mother Earth!!

My very first Coloring Book, Botanimals, A Coloring Book of Flora and Fauna, is now available on Amazon!!

This is my very first coloring book, Botanimals A Coloring Book of Flora and Fauna, Vol.1. It is now available on Amazon and has been in the works for almost 6 months. It has a plant and animal theme with some wit and charm to keep you coloring for hours on end!

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